About the QPA

The Queensland Polocrosse Association Inc. (QPA) was formed in 1957. Today the QPA administers seasonal competition between 42 Clubs throughout the state, culminating in the State Club Championships held annually, usually on the first weekend in September. An inter Zone Championships is held bi-annually. Queensland Polocrosse also selects representative teams to compete in interstate and international competitions that are held annually.

About Polocrosse

Polocrosse is a fast-paced, skillful and exciting game played on horseback. It presents an incomparable athletic challenge involving speed and stamina, and also depends on lightning quick reflexes in both horse and rider. Polocrosse is one of only three sports that Australia can truly claim as its own; the others being Australian Rules Football and Campdrafting.

In 1938, the sport was created by Mr & Mrs Edward Hirst from Sydney. After visiting England, where they witnessed an indoor horse exercise used to help young riders take better charge of their horses, they developed the exciting horse sport we see today.

Being a sport the whole family can play, Polocrosse caters for everyone from the expert ‘A Grade’ and elite player to the once a year ‘casual’ player. Polocrosse has Mini Junior (non-competitive), Sub Junior, Junior, Intermediate, Open & Masters levels. Some levels have separate men, women and mixed competition, however it is one of the few sports where male and female players can compete equally in the same team. To read the full history click here