Is Polocrosse the same as Polo?

It has some similarities however it is different.  Polocrosse is known as the ‘King of the one horse sports’ and has 6 players where polo only has 4 players. Polocrosse uses a racquet and softer ball where Polo is a Mallet and hard ball.

Can anyone play Polocrosse?

Absolutely! It is a family sport & very common to have children playing with their parents and grandparents.  Men & women can play together in mixed teams as well as in either Men’s and Women’s teams.

How can I join Polocrosse?

There are club contacts on the contacts page or contact the office on 07 4632 3045

How do I pay membership?

Log into your membership on the database (There is an ‘online registration’ button on the home page of this website).

How do I transfer to another state or into QLD

Contact the club where you want to go & find out what their rules are.  They will need to contact the State Executive Officer/State Administrator in the state where you are transferring FROM and be transferred to the zone and club where you want to go.  Fees are applicable.

Do I have to nominate to play at a carnival?

Yes you do!  You must contact your club & the club registrar will nominate the teams.

Do I have to be a member to play at practices?

Yes.  There is a membership for just practices if that’s all you want to do.